50 Years of Experience

Kaya Baskul has taken its place in the world market with Electronic/Mechanical automatic LPG filling scales and turnkey projects in LPG filling stations. Our main goal is to establish a LPG filling station.

High capacity filling systems

Fully Automatic Carousel system

• At this system all the filling machines are placed on top of a rotating Carousel and being fed automatically with empty cylinders and once it is filled it will be discharged automatically from the Carousel.

• This system is efficient both in time utilization and reducing the required manpower. Carousel size can vary between 9 to 36 filling positions. With minimum filling capacity of 4,5 tons of LPG per hour.

Carousel filling system demosayfa 1

Medium capacity fillin systems

Semi automatic filling system.

• At this system the flow of the cylinders to and from the system is being atomized by using motor powered chain conveyor.

• This system consist of 2 chain conveyor on for input and the other for discharge the cylinders.

• Between the 2 conveyors filling machines placed in a cell formation each cell has 4 filling machines and operated by 2 operators. So, this system has 8 filling machines at its maximum.

2 fixed mount filling system 2

Containerized filling system

• İn this system all the machines required for filling ( Filling machines, LPG pump, cylinder handling system, etc.…) inside a 40 feet and 20 feet shipping container.

• The system then needs to be connected to the LPG storage tank(s) on site with a piping

Containerized filling system3 demosayfa butun 1

Skid type filling system

• Which contains of 2 parts, The filling cabin and the storage tank.

• Filling cabin contains the filling machine which can be 2 or 3 mechanical or electronic machines along with the LPG pump and the electricity system.

• LPG storage tank to storage the LPG which will be filled in the cylinders its capacity can range from 10, 30, 45 m3.

Skid system demosayfa 1