Containerized Filling System

In containerized filling system all the equipment required for filling are installed in one container. LPG cylinders filling machines, LPG pumps, LPG, air and file fighting pipes, electricity connections.

Plug and play style LPG cylinders filling system.
Reducing the civil construction cost as all the system is already in the container.
Fast installation.
Can be moved and placed in another place if needed.
High level of security as the system can completely closed under lock and key

System details:
All the system is included with 40’ DC container.
Can be equipped with 2 LPG cylinders filling machines for industrial cylinders and 8 for household cylinders with total 10 scales.
Equipped with 2 LPG filling pumps.
Screw type Air compressor.
Firefighting pump.
Ex-proof electricity panel.

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